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We just bought an old house and removed some walls, the problem is we have old hardwood floors, and where we took out the walls, we have big empty spaces in the floor. We took out two walls, one in the old part of the house (early 1900's), the other in the new part of house (1940's). We have wood floors throught the house. How do we go about matching the wood and color, not to mention the design in the older part of the house? Could you please help us, if possible?
Thank you..
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You can take a piece of the existing flooring to a hardwood supplyer, or lumber yard and they can match the species, grade, etc. After filling in where the walls were with the new wood, you can sand & refinish the whole thing.

Scott Stephens
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Been awhile since I last visited this forum but I'd have to suggest the best method for making this repair is to remove existing and original flooring from areas inconspicious such as closets that aren't seen. The newer flooring will never match(aging process) in your repair areas. I'd also suggest the use of someone that is skilled at these repairs or you may regret it later.

As for the closet areas if there are any just replace with new. If there is limited closet space for material I'd look at a second option such as removing an area where a large area rug may look great and replace with plywood? I've done it both ways as there is always a dood solution.

Sorry..can't help with the design of the older someone that deals with HW flooring every day.

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