what tape for laminate underlayment


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what tape for laminate underlayment

We are going to be installing Pergo Vintage Home laminate.
What is the best tape to use to joining the underlayment pieces together?
The underlayment will butt against each other, not overlap (right now we have some Trafficmaster silentstep premium 3 in 1 underlayment from Home Depot). The HD guy said use clear packing tape, but at another flooring store I heard masking tape was better.

Another question while I'm at it. I got this "silentstep" underlayment at HD. I thought at first it was the Pergo brand silentstep, but turns out it is Trafficmaster and it is green. It looks like pretty good stuff and it claims to be the pad and moisture barrier all in one. (3 in 1). I don't see anything in the Pergo warranty that states that you have to use a Pergo brand underlayment. Does it sound OK to use this underlayment? The Pergo SilentStep is a little more expensive. Is it better than the TrafficMaster? I also don't see that the Pergo SilentStep is also a moisture barrier, so maybe the separate poly sheeting would be needed with it.

Thanks for any input.
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Packing tape will keep the underlayment as a vapor barrier. If you use masking tape it is no longer a vapor barrier. The plastic tape prevents moisture transmission.
The pad should be fine. I have used both and don't personally see much difference between the two. Both are good pads.
Good Luck
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Thanks. That certainly makes sense about the packing tape.
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Yep, just clear packing tape.
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Smile taping underlayment

Originally Posted by Carpets Done Wright View Post
Yep, just clear packing tape.
Does it matter if you tape underneath side or on top of foam?
I am using Blue Vertex. Thanks
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It sure is easier to tape from the top.

Most, if not all 2-n-1 pads, have a peel & stick edge that you do overlap.
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To Tape or Not To Tape

I just purchased some laminate flooring (Java Bamboo by Eco-something or other) and the reddish Diamondback underlayment, which I was opposed to getting at first as I wanted the in-between black patchwork foam rubber stuff, but the sales guy at the Floor & Decor Outlet was telling me that even with a single-story, concrete-slab house, I'll be needing it with 2 boys and a hound dog with the long claws. Well, needless to say, we bought the expensive stuff.

Now, the person helping us install it supposedly did this professionally for a few years and is telling me that I don't have to tape the underlayment. I would prefer him to do it, since it's being done with everyone else I know. He says it's because we don't have a moisture problem the type of subfloor we have, which is concrete slab by the way. The problem is, I think he's lazy and he just wants to lay the flooring as fast as possible AND he's family (my wife's side). What should I do? Thanks for your help.
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Simple answer...what do the manufacturers instructions say? Follow them....

Don't know how the underlay helps with a dog...you better get the nails clipped...cause no wood will stand up to that ....
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tape on ends

your friend is partially correct on not taping the ends of theunderlayment. IF you have any concerns about moisture you should always tape all seams together with an underlayment tape. But even if you dont it just makes the installation more finished. It takes two more seconds to throw a piece of tape on the end roll seams. This will keep the rolls together, laying nice and smooth and also help contribute to blocking out any noise that may travel through the floor to the room below.

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