Shingles to flatten a wood subfloor. What about the edges?

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Shingles to flatten a wood subfloor. What about the edges?

I've read a bunch of posts on here and they've been very informative. Carpetsdonewright, you're clearly in the top tier of contractors. Extremely knowledgable and you demonstrate that you're all about doing it right.

Ok, on to my question. So I'm putting in a Dupont laminate wood floor. It comes with an attached underlayment. I've used a belt sander to smooth out the joints and take down a few high spots, but I also have some dips in the flooring.

I've read here and in other places about leveling the floor with asphalt shingles. I've got a bunch of shingles laid to fill in the dips in the floor, but these are my questions:

1. I put some of the floor pieces on top of the shingles and walked on them, and heard that familiar crunching sound of the grit on the shingles shifting around under the shingles. Will this be audible once the whole floor is down or does it get sealed too tightly to be heard?

2. The shingles don't exactly feather out to make the floor totally level. It's level where the shingles are, but there are a couple of inches on each side of the shingles where the dip is less than the height of the shingles (so I can't put more shingle in) but still leaves a gap. Will this be a problem? Or is there some other way to fill that gap at the edges of the dip?

3. I've got a crawlspace under the floor. My house is a split level with half-basement finished with concreate, but extending underneath the living room / kitchen / etc. is a gravel crawl space. When I move in I had the seller install a black plastic vapor barrier, duct taped around all of the edges. I'm wondering if I should still put some kind of moisture barrier under the laminate floor and over the wood sub-floor? If so, where do the shingles go? over or under it?

Thanks very much.

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1.) Did you also place some asphalt felt in the sandwich. Make sure the grit on the shingles has the asphalt felt over it.

Example of layering.

asphalt felt(15# or 30#)
shingle( with grit up)
shingle( with grit up)

The felt is soft enough to capture the grit. the asphalt holds it.

Wipe and brush off the shingles, and sweep and vacuum good to get all the loose grit.

2.) I cut a big piece, then a smaller piece, then a smaller piece when using felt, and never go over 2 shingles layered doing the same, so it tapers. If it isn't a gap bigger the 6-8 inches, it won't be a problem unless your fastener hits there and a chance for a squeak. Mark on your ashalt felt where not to nail.

3.)A moisture meter is going to tell you what you need to do. Crawl spaces and basements are known breeding grounds for moisture. If the moisture content of the wood is different from under the subfloor compared to above the subfloor, there would be a concern that would warrant an additional moisture retarder, or barrier.

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