wood over terrazo

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wood over terrazo

Help! We had wood installed over terrazo and it popped. Home Depot agreed to fix the problem (without any arguement at all, which was a little suspicious) The man who came to fix it told us the truth - that Home Depot should never have told us that wood could go over terrazo and unless the whole thing was ripped up, the terrazo washed with muriatic acid and then MVP applied., it would happen again. Home Depot said he is wrong and that you cant use MFVP wuth terrazo, and its all because of the moisture iin the air in our house. We are meeitng with the manger timorrow and would like more facts about this. Please help. Thank you.
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Assuming MVP is Moisture Vapor Protection product, you needed a clean, dry surface free of oil, grease, sealers and all other surface contaminants. Terrazzo is usually maintained with sealer. Assuming you used a glue down product, failure to properly prepare surface sounds like the culprit. Humidity affects cure more than than temperature--the higher the humidity, the faster the cure. It usually takes 12-16 hours to cure before walking on it. Installers are suppose to follow industry and wood floor manufacturer's installation and substrate preparation recommendations.

Purchasing the right flooring product for a substrate is crucial. Wood flooring products range from solid nail down into wood subfloor to engineered wood products that can be nailed, stapled, floated, or glued down. Perhaps a floating engineered product would have better met your needs.
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You shouldn't glue wood down on terrazzo period. No matter what you wash it with or what glue you use. If you want, call the flooring manufacturer and ask them. The terrazzo should have been removed and the new floor put down. Good luck, hopefully they take care of it. I would get a hold of a flooring manufaturer rep to help plead your case.

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The man who came in to fix it, is correct. Was this an engineered or solid wood? Please don't say solid!

You can direct glue over terazzo, but you have to get the smoothness of the surface ruff, or the adhesive won't stick good because of too much suface tension on the polished terazzo.

What kind of moisture vapor testing was done. Home Depot was wrong not to do it and document it before installation, and the man that came back to fix it, needs to know just how much is pumping from the substrate to even recommend MVP.

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