How to remove pet urine odor from sub floor?

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Question How to remove pet urine odor from sub floor?

We ripped up the carpet & pad in our dinning room & we are going to put down laminate flooring. The problem is though after removing the carpet & pad we discovered areas in the plywood sub-floor where a pets urine has soaked through the carpet & pad all the way through to the sub-floor. It has been there a very long time, we haven't had a cat in the house for a long time. The area reaks of urine especially when it is humid out & looks fresh - but it can't be fresh. How do we get that urine smell out of the floor?

Thank you for your help!
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The best stuff I've found (and I've tried just about everything on the market) is called OdorZyme (

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You can either replace it or seal it with a couple coats of KILZ or other kinds of sealers.
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clean then seal

We had the same problem when we moved into our house. We used Nature's Miracle twice to be sure we got the proteins out of the floor (apply liberally - we poured it onto the concrete slab, then let it dry naturally). Then we let it dry very thoroughly and sealed it with Kilz. Good luck!
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Urine saturated plywood subfloor can be sealed with a couple coats of Zinnser primer sealer or polyurethane to seal in odors. If pets sprayed baseboards and walls, these will need to be sealed and repainted, too.
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I've heard of this great new product called Urine-off. I have not personally used it, but others seem to swear by it.
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I've run into this a few times in rental houses and tried every trick in the book and spent a fortune on chemicals. Chemicals won't work if the subfloor has been soaked with urine. I have used Kilz and it works the best but its not fool proof. Get the right Kilz which means solvent based.

IMHO if you can locate the exact spots, I'd replace the subfloor sections. YOu may get lucky and have only one big spot. Then paint the whole floor with kilz. It might be overkill but rolling a floor with Kilz is very easy and it dries in minutes. Replacing subfloor sections is surprisingly easy especially if you are covering with carpet or laminate. I think kilz helps when you get the carpet cleaned because it keeps cleaning moisture from reaching urine activating the smell.

Urine get especially raunchy when there is high humidity. Makes your eyes water.

PS: Don't forget to Kilz walls where pets (or humans ) may have peed. Also, do the plate at the bottom of the walls. Personally, I have replaced drywall on occasion where male dogs lifted their legs.

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