Worried Laminate installer

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Worried Laminate installer

Hey all,
I have posted before about my current project in the first floor of my house. As everything is starting to get finished, I am getting closer and closer to putting in the floor. I have bought laminate floor for the entire first floor of the house. This includes the kitchen and a living room totaling about 650 sqft. I bought the Home Depot cherry Dupont for a good sale price. I have been hearing alot of horror stories about water, and liquid messes destroying floors, laminates and woods. Before I begin the floor I am having serious doubts. I am getting married in a month, plan on having 3 kids, two dogs, and who knows what else. No matter how careful I am, I know something is going to happen to the floor. Please talk some sense into me and let me know what you guys think.
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sorry to say, but YES, something IS going to happen to your floor! unless you don't plan on ever walking on it.

laminate has been called a "disposable floor" because it should be relatively inexpensive and once it's damaged, you replace it (or the damaged boards, because you kept extras, right?!). as long as you got it for a good price, i wouldn't worry about it. a water leak will ruin ANY kind of floor. carpet uglies-out in no time. wood floors need refinishing. tiles can crack. and everyone redecorates eventually!! nothing stays looking new for very long, nothing lasts forever, and everything can be damaged by accidents.

chill out & enjoy it for as long as you can. it's easy to clean & still looks better than worn out stained carpet!

but start looking for area rugs!
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Trust me when I say to do the laminate flooring. When we bought our house 10 years ago, we had brand new carpet installed. Same carpet in all main living areas and hallways. Within 4 or 5 years, it was pretty well worn, especially in the high traffic areas. Then we got a puppy. Then another puppy, and then one last puppy. They are all trained, and let me just say that the carpet reeks!! In fact I still have the carpet right now. We are in the end stages of planning our renovation including a new kitchen, and the Dupont laminate is the last thing we will be installing. Do yourself a favor and spend the extra hundred bucks and get a couple extra boxes. You won't regret that.
When you do get the dogs, make sure you have area rugs. That is probably where they will pee. Then you can throw those out as they get worn and stinky.

Did I mention that my house and carpets really smells right now? I can't wait till it is gone.
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Laminate coment ......

I will not attempt to pass judgment on your choice of laminate, but will relate my experience with PERGO, we chose it for the kitchen, breakfast room & laundry room, (BIG MISTAKE)...Pergo has a partical board type backing, the surface if VERY tough, but the partical board will not tolerate moisture of any kind, we had a washing machine disaster which ruined the floor,
, the partical board SWELLS UP, they suggest purchasing extra flooring to replace damaged sections, FORGET THAT, their is no way to replace anything, the sections are glued together & any small imperfection is very obvious. Over time the groves between sections start to swell & the only solution is replacing the whole mess, someone said these are throw-away floors, they are correct.....I will go with solid oak in the future.....GOOD luck................
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You're fine.

You've already bought the laminate? Then everything will be fine.

If you had asked before you bought the material, I would have suggested something more durable, but you didn't so I won't.

Annette is right; with three kids and two dogs, any floor will take a beating. Your choice was inexpensive and replaceable or expensive and repairable. You avoided the the expensive and non-repairable, so you're all right.

Put pads on the bottoms of all the chairs and tables; don't use felt, the dog hair sticks to it, buy the expensive teflon ones.

Put some seating by the doors the kids use and train them to remove their shoes right at the door [buy them slip on, not lace-up shoes when they are young].

Keep the floors clean; swiffer-type mops are great for pet hair and dust [they are not very good for dirt].

Later, if you decide to use some carpeting to hide the beat-up areas, get inexpensive closed loop [industrial grade]; it's fine for a house with kids.

If you decide to use tile somewhere, the smaller tiles are less likely to crack.

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