Any experience with kronotex laminate?


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Any experience with kronotex laminate?

I just started researching which laminate I should purchase. Consumer reports rates Kronotex Swiftlock from Lowes fairly high, but their rating scale was for wear, not for ease of installation or the connection mechanism.

I called Kronotex and they said that the Dynamic clic2clic sold outside of Lowes was equivalent to the Lowes line (Swiftlock).

Anyone have experience with either line (swiftlock or dynamic clic2clic)? There have been few posts about Kronotex.

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there have been several posts asking about Kronotex, but few have been answered. product & brand bashing are prohibited here.

the pro's tend to recommend Wilsonart or the Select line from Pergo. i don't recall seeing any posts where Kronotex has been recommended. hmmm...

buy the best you can afford. if you can only afford the cheapest stuff, keep saving. they say you get what you pay for, and with laminate, that includes ease of installation, as well as wear & looks.

MOST important is making sure your subfloor is FLAT. the most expensive top of the line product will fail if your floor dips or humps up or down more than 1/8" within 6 feet.

here's what i would recommend: buy ONE box of the stuff. click it together to form a square so you can see how it fits together, and so you can really see it & all the wood grain patterns together. move it around the room or house to see how it will look with all your furnishings. then take off a plank & try to dent or scratch it. whack it with the heel of a shoe. rake a toy car across it. try to simulate the worst abuse it may encounter in your home. put a puddle of water on it & leave it, & see what happens. in other words, buy the smallest quantity you can, & test it out for yourself. if you like it, buy more of the same Run.

good luck!
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I just installed the Lowes (Kronotex) Swiftlock clic2clic 25Year, 8mm moisture-resistant core product in kitchen & adjacent laundry/powder room. Installed over Vinyl tile that I installed 20 years ago. Cost was affordable and installation went extremely well. Floor must be level/flat. Use the recommended tools (tapping block & pull bar with hammer) and plan the job using the installation instructions provided. Floor looks great. Real measure, of course, will be the wear - only time will tell.
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I've had problems with it a couple times. I'll leave it there so i can't be accused of bashing.
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STAY AWAY FROM THIS PRODUCT. It took my husband two years to make a decision on what type of floor to put in our dry basement. We have a son and a few cats. We had a small amount of water spill on the floor which we cleaned up within a few hours. Those floor boards had raised and split. The material is suppose to be moisture resistance with a 20 year guarantee. When I called the customer support department, he said he would not recommend this product anywhere there might be water. I said what if someone came in with boots on or shoes after a rain, he said this could also damage the floor. Unless you are only planning on putting this product in a closet with no possibility of water ever entering that room, don't buy it. This mistake cost of $1,600 in material alone and we will end up replacing it within 10 years. I have banned my son from going downstairs with friends and will never use it as the intended family room.
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I would advise against this product. We recently purchased the Kronotex swiftlock plus. Before we even began to install it the cork-like backing started falling off. We contacted Lowe's who set us up with an independent flooring inspector. He came out measured and took pictures of the product. We waited a week before Lowe's called us and said we could bring back ALL of the product and the underlayment--even the underlayment that was installed on the floor. We don't know what the official ruling was but the inspector kept commenting about defects in the product. Don't know if he was trying to tell us something with out telling if you get my meaning. Anyway, fortunately for us we got all of our money back. I also showed him reports from this forum that acknowledged issues with Kronotex as far back as 2007. He said the internet was good for consumers but bad for companies. I really believe this helped our cause. Either way we are still living with sub-flooring because we are really going to do our research before purchasing any type of flooring. Hope this helps in your decision making.

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