Fixing small gouges in concrete slab before Laminate

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Fixing small gouges in concrete slab before Laminate

I recently rented a Hammer drill and removed the ceramic tile that covered a
7 x 7 entrance foyer. What's left is a fairly smooth concrete slab except for about 5 or 6 small areas of the slab that have small shallow gouges from the hammer drill. There's also one section near the outer edge of the slab that lost a small chunk of concrete. Do I have to level the entire 7 x 7 area where the ceramic was removed or just the damaged areas that I mentioned. What type of product do I ask for at the Home Improv. stores. FYI, beyond the ceramic leading into the den is carpeting. The carpeting is being held down by tack strips and is not glued down carpeting. I haven't pulled the carpeting up yet, but I anticipate a smooth even floor. My plan is to install floating laminate floor from the entrance foyer and into the entire den.
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You will likely have some patching to do where you pull up the concrete tack strips, too. A concrete patching material from the home improvement store should fill holes and gouges. You will need a smooth, flat surface for installation of laminate. There should be no high or low spots. There are self-leveling compounds for filling the low spots. High spots can be ground down.
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The two floor patch materials I like are, feather finish by Ardex and Planipatch by Mapei. My personal preference is the Ardex, but both are good materials for the gouges and holes that will be left from removing the tack strip. If the holes from the strip are only small nail holes, patching them isn't necessary. Unfortunately, the nails normally pull up chunks of concrete with them and I normally do patch those. Laminate is pretty stiff and will span them, but I'm a fan of overkill so I patch it all while I can. No sense taking chances that are so easily avoided. You can't have a lot of deflection in the slab or the joints will "work" when walking on the new floor and come apart. Typically, the rule will be no more than an eighth inch in an eight or ten foot radius and so on, depending on the manufacturer. You need a very flat floor. Check the instructions in one of the boxes and they should tell you. I'm assuming you got some good advice, either from this site or your supplier, and have had the material on site and acclimating the required time so the instructions are easily accessible. As long as the area in question passes the flatness requirements, you'll only need to patch the holes, but you'll need a good long straight edge to determine that. If the small hole at the edge is small enough, use the patch material to fix it. If not, get some bagged concrete mix to repair it.

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