Thomasville Flooring from Home Depot


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Originally Posted by KellyPK View Post
Refinishing my solid oak hardwood floors 5 years ago was about the most satisfying home improvement project I've ever done. I'm looking to move now and found a house with what looks like traditional oak strip flooring throughout the kitchen/hall but a red/mahogany looking floor in the living room and office. Its wider than the oak strip and I suspect its probably engineered wood now that I think about it. The house is empty and the floors are not recently cleaned but the wear and scratches etc don't look like they will clean up.

Has anybody ever actually refinished this type of flooring? The tomasville website says the top layer is 2.2 mil "suitable for refinishing 2-3 times" but nowhere does it say how to actually accomplish this. I would think with that thin a wood layer you'd want to only use a circular sander to avoid the possibility of gouging the belt sander all the way through the top layer. But I also suspect that the "UV hardened" factory finish will not be easily removed.
Any thoughts or suggestions on this type of refinishing (or would I have to get a pro to do it) would be great. And for that matter any suggestions on what to look for to try to determine if it really is engineered wood (without prying up a piece!) would be helpful

We are totally disappointed in this flooring. It's been in for only two years and it is scratched up beyond what we had hoped. Refinishing a floor after two or three years is NOT EVER a sign of a good wood floor that has had only domestic use. We regret not having a traditional hard wood floor installed (where you have to have it sanded and finished on site). It would not have been any more expensive. DO NOT BUY THIS FLOORING!
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Engineered 5G Click Makata walnut

I was out today checking out the Thomasville flooring. I was talking to someone that recommended the 5G Click. It will be installed on plywood subfloor not on the ground level. Curious if anybody had any luck with this product. Also does anyone recommend the padding or is that personal preference? It will be used in a master bedroom. We have small children and thirteen pound dog. I think the installation sounds quite easy. Thanks for any help or input!!
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The 5G system is a good system...I don't know if Home Depot has a Thomasville floor with that system though. The Tarkett Genesis product at Home Depot does have the 5G. And the padding is not a "recommendation"--it is a must in floating applications. The store will have multiple types available, so you will need to decide how much you want to spend on the underlayment...generally, the more expensive you get, the quieter the floor is.
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I have just had Thomasville Engeneered Tropical Ngom Click 3/8th floor installed over concrete- floating with no seam glue. (installers did that) now it is cracking and popping everytime you stand on it. Should the floor have been put down with seam glue or not. I have not been able to find on any site a difinitive answer. Help if it does need glue - What now?

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