Thomasville - pricing and a couple of installation questions.

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Question Thomasville - pricing and a couple of installation questions.


Im about to install about 700sqft of the Mahogany color for my bedrooms and landing (all on the 2'nd floor - OSB). Im curious what folks have been paying per sq ft for this floor.

Also, Im considering removing the baseboards and reusing them - not only will this save $150 on quarter round but more importantly I think it will look better. Has any one reused existing baseboard? Is it easy to remove or does it break in the process? Do you have to repaint the wall upon removal or is it a light touch up?

Lastly, for the bedrooms, should I start from the door (jam) and work into the room or the other way?

Have never installed a floor myself and am a bit nervous. Would appreciate any pointers - common mistakes to avoid and the like.


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here's a similar thread that might be helpful:

and you're right - it looks better to remove & replace the existing baseboards versus just putting up quarter round. whether or not you'll need to touch up depends on the existing paint job. you might need to run a utility knife along the wall/baseboard joint before removing the trim to break the paint seal. for us, it was easy to remove them & we didn't break a one. start with a putty knife or soemthing thin to get in behind them & gently pry them off with a pry bar or screw driver or whatever (don't dent your wall above though), working a little at a time & inching your way down the length of it. try to pull at points where it's been nailed. sometimes you can get a nail set & just hammer the finish nails all the way through & pull the trim off. sometimes the trim will come off & leave the nail in the wall. just depends. just make sure you number or label each piece for easy reinstallation.

post back with any other questions for the pros.

good luck.
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Zack -- I was just over to HD yesterday and here in Denver there's a 15%-off sale running through early May. That brings the cost down to $3.80/sqft.

One question for you and anyone else on this thread, however, is whether or not you've seen cracks in the veneer in this product? The samples I saw on display all had some small amounts of cracking and buckling in various degrees. Always hard to tell whether or not the samples have spent any time under water lately, but such things still concern me. I have little interest in installing the large amount of wood I need only to have the look ruined by a cracked and buckled wear surface.

P.S. I've also seen the same problems at a different store with Shaw and BR-111 engineered flooring. Strange that the store(s) would leave such things on display. Couldn't help but chase away the timid (like me). Has anyone out there EVER experienced this with installed product?
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thomasville jatoba

I recently(about 5months ago) installed 50 cases of this flooring it was a breez and i had no problems doing so it all looked great. i have not seen any problems with the craks mentiond in the other post. the only thing i have had a problem with is trying to keep the floor clean, its like right after we mop it it has a residue and leaves smudge marks all over it. we have used several different wood floor cleaners such as pledge and murphys these were made for hard wood floors and are to be used without diluting in water. prettymuch squirt it on and mop off with damp or almost dry mop or sponge.i have contacted the manufacturer about it today and will give u feed back when i get some myself. i think the floors look great but the are very hard to keep clean.i'm guessing it has something to do with the satin finish not really sure.I have had other hard wood floors in the past but nothing this difficult to keep clean.besides that the floors have held up great against my 3 children.

if anyone has had this problem please reply.
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Pledge & Murphy's leave a residue. Products that leave residues will smudge and leave prints. Residues build up and will eventually dull and soften finish. If you want a commercial floor cleaner, most manufacturers recommend Bona Kemi cleaner. Most manufacturers have their own cleaner that they recommend to safeguard floor finish from all the unsafe cleaners that are being marketed and used. Use a mild soap & water solution to clean off the residues. Wipe with damp cloth and plain water to rinse. Buff dry. Do a section at a time. Avoid wax and oils and products that contain wax, oil, silicone or any other ingredient that leaves a residue. A cup of white vinegar in a gallon of water tends to keep poly finishes clean and residue free. Always clean a section at a time. Toss and old towel on the floor and buff back and forth with foot to dry and prevent streaks before moving on to the next section.

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