Squeaky oak hardwood floors

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Squeaky oak hardwood floors

A upstairs room in my house has very squeaky oak hardwood floors. I'm remodeling the room directly below this one and I have removed the ceiling sheet-rock to expose the floor joists and sub floor for the room above. The oak flooring is 3/4# and the sub flooring is 1x4 running diagonally across the floor joists. In some squeaky areas I tried shooting screws in through the sub floor and into the oak floor, but that did not eliminate the squeaks.
Can anyone suggest any other methods or things from underneath to try to eliminate the squeaks?
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Just a couple of screws in the general area, ain't going to do it. Get someone heavy, to walk the floor. Have your walkie-talkies!!!!! Have them stand on the floor where the squeak is. You may need tape measures to find the spots. Screw the same direction of the flooring every 4 inches, then jump up as much as your floor is wide and run some more screws, and jump again the width of your flooring.Screw an area about 2x2 foot every 4 inches.

Make sure it is not the subfloor, squeaking on the joists.
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Just screwin No!! try some foreplay

Before you attack with screws, find the squeeks, Use a piece of 3/4" heater hose as a stethescope. If you think the gap thats allowing the squeak is:
Between finish flooring & subfloor. Use a 3/8 hole saw from below, careful now , only drill through the sub floor. Then insert PL400 "liquid nails" nozzle from a caulk tube into the hole. Apply pressure to the gun & hold in place until you don't feel any more "slide" on the trigger. Don't overdo this as it may cause a hump in the floor above. Ideally you want about a quarter (coin) circle of glue to go in above the subfloor. Now if the floor above is flat, let the glue dry & you're done Don't walk on floor when glue is wet!
Between Subfloor & joists: use a small wonder bar ( the little bar )or hd putty knife in gap between sub flooring & joist to open the gap up a little. Pressure feed some PL400 "liquid nails" into the gap, both sides if tight, one side if it will flow throgh, then screw. Predrill undersize holes for the screws or you'll probably split the dry 1 X 4's. Use a drill bit stop so you don't go through the finish flooring. Try not to over torque the screws. Once you see the glue pucker out at the edge that's enough. Let the glue dry & you're done Don't walk on floor when glue is wet!

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