Office chairs scratching laminate flooring?


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Office chairs scratching laminate flooring?

I installed laminate hardwoods in my office, and as I wheel around in my office chair, Im wondering if this is going to cause scratches sometime in the near future. Would I be better off putting one of those plastic things down, or are the plastic wheels on laminate OK?
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Once scratched, laminate's done - better safe than sorry.
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They do make rubber wheels for hard surfaces, but it's not so much the wheels as what gets ground between them and the floor surface.
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You used "laminate" and "hardwoods" in the same sentence. These are not the same critter. The material is either laminate or it's engineered wood. As mitch has pointed out, scratched laminate is just that, scratched laminate. Laminate is more a plastic material and, once scratched, goes down hill from there. It's sort of like a laminate counter top. Engineered wood, however, can be refinished in most instances. The wear layer is real hardwood. The lower grades normally can't be refinished because the wear layer is too thin to allow it, but the higher grades can be. The thicker the wear layer, the more times it can be refinished. As to the plastic mats, I don't personally recommend them. As pendragon has pointed out, it isn't so much the wheels as it is the dirt and grit being ground in as you're rolling around. Regular cleaning is the most effective way to minimize problems of this sort and the mats get stuff under them that doesn't get cleaned without moving them so it continues to grind away at your floor. I've also seen instances where they caused the floor to discolor. That was probably a function of what the mat was made of and, as with everything else, all plastic mats are probably not alike.
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rubber wheels and table legs

I looked at the rubber wheels at the hardware store and they didn't look that much softer than the plastic ones though you could make a dent in them with a hard fingernail. I am freaking out wondering what my office chair is going to do to the laminate flooring and if I made a mistake buying laminate. What about having to put felt on the bottoms of all my chairs in the dining room? They have plastic caps on them now. And we have a large, heavy antique dining room table that currently has metal wheels that are sitting in glass floor savers. Will those be ok when we open out the table and they slide along the floor? I had sheet vinyl in the kitchen before and didn't have this much fear of ruining the floor as I do with the laminate. We have Mohawk AC4, so think it should be good but still.... I don't want to do the plastic mat for the computer area but do like rollers on the chair.
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Originally Posted by DIYGmaLynn View Post
What about having to put felt on the bottoms of all my chairs in the dining room?

Also...I'd put felt on the bottom of all chairs, tables, etc (furniture). Makes it easier to move too.

BTW: Welcome to the forums

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