About to start nailing... couple questions

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About to start nailing... couple questions

#1 - My original subfloor is 4" T&G. It's super sturdy for being 85 years old. A little nasty around the radiator pipes, but those areas are really small. Obviously, it's running perpendicular to the joists. My first thought is to lay the new, pre-finished floor (upstairs btw) perpendicular to the original T&G. The problem is that by doing it this way, the the new floor will be running perpendicular to ALL the long walls. It's not gonna look as good, especially in the hallway, as if I did it all parallel. Putting in a plywood underlay isn't really an option, seeing as I'm already going to be cutting around radiator feet... The added height would cause more problems than would solve. Would running parallel to the original subfloor really be the WRONG thing to do? Pretty sure I know the answer here, but thought I'd ask.

#2 - Does pre-finished hardwood acclimate any differently than unfinished? I thought I heard that it only needs a couple days, as opposed to a couple weeks... but I can't remember for sure. I've had the wood in the house for about 2 months, and put it in the rooms they are going to live a few days ago. I don't have a moisture meter, (I'm sure I'll be told to get one), but I would think that that 2 months is enough time for the new wood to sync up with the rest of the house even if it's not in the same room, no? No central air, and it's a relatively small house...

I pretty much know the responses I'm gonna get on the last question, but the reason I ask, is that my deadline just got moved up (new addition to the family, and old additions paying a visit)... the sheetrock and electric took me a lot longer than I had planned and I NEED to get at least a couple rooms finished. Two weeks is gonna put me way over, so any thoughts are much appreciated.

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if it has been in the house for 2 months I think you should be perfectly OK to go ahead with it. It shouldn't have to sit in the room it will stay in forever as long as the temperature/humidity levels are similar all over the house, which I'm assuming they would be.
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Acclimation and moisture content equilibrium, are not an exact time thing. 2 days, 2 week, 2 months, and your really only guessing, and you have better odds in Vegas.

Invest in a good moisture meter, or gamble. It's only money, right?

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