"Temporary" laminate flooring install?


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"Temporary" laminate flooring install?

We have been doing a complete remodel (exterior walls, subfloor, etc.) for over a year and are now to the last room ("living room"). We were about to have our framers demo it and reframe it, but circumstances have postponed this for a year.

We were so looking forward to getting rid of the old carpet in the room, though, that I wondered: Is it reasonable to (1) remove the old carpet (plywood underneath); (2) lay down a DuPont Real Touch laminate floor without glue -- then, a year from now (3) remove ("pull up"?) the laminate floor before demolition and reframing, then (4) reinstall the same laminate (maybe this time with glue)?

Aside from the extra labor, what grief could I expect to get from working this flooring overtime like this?
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Why not buy an inexpensive laminate, cover the floor and simply remove it and install the one you want....This would serve a two-fold purpose;

1. You would know how a laminate would look and feel in the space. You may end up not liking the look of laminate flooring.

2. You would be able to live without worrying about plank separation, liquid infiltration, chips, scratches etc... Realistically, do you think the floor will mark it's first anniversary intact?? I would say unlikely.

Hope this helps...
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I should mention: I've already purchased the DuPont Real Touch Classic flooring. (Unlike the "Elite" line, the "Classic" version does not have integral padding.)

I'm confident that we will like the look of this floor. And almost as confident that the half-priced versions we've seen aren't very appealing.

Certainly, whatever wear we have in a year "is what it is" -- a year's worth of wear. Although theoretically, we could swap out any really bad dings and "renew" the floor with fresh planks (which may take awhile to blend in). As for plank separation, this flooring is glueless, so I'm not sure how plank separation would be any more of a problem the first or second time around.

The main issue is: How will the planks hold up to disassembly/reassembly? The DuPont instructions, referring to plank replacement, say:

"To replace any planks that may have been damaged in installation, simply raise the last installed board approximately 1-1/4" until it disengages. Do not engage and disengage more than 3 times. Continue until you reach the affected plank, replace and reinstall the planks"

Sounds like the flooring has "3" bullets in the chamber. I wonder how they came up with that number? Must be that the click-together tongue is likely to fracture at about that point.
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I can tell you firsthand that the tongue is relatively fragile. You can probably install/uninstall more than 3 times, but it depends on how hard you pull it apart. Even if you are careful, it is possible to damage a board even removing it once. In other words, you could do this, just be sure to have a couple extra boxes of the flooring on hand...just in case.
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IMO, a year will pass by quick and personally, I'd wait. What about your baseboards? If you do install the flooring, are you going to install quarter rounds or replace the baseboards? You'll have to think about that part too as well as any transitions you will be installing and re-installing as well. It might not be a lot of work to install them, but when the next year comes around to taking them out and then re-installing, you might be rolling your eyes. Maybe not, but seriously, a year will pass by quicker than you think.

On the complete remodel of the living room, is the sqft. going to be the same? Just in case you do decide to install the flooring and IF the sqft might be larger, make sure you order more flooring. Sometimes flooring material becomes discountinued.
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