Contractor damaged hardwood - advice?

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Contractor damaged hardwood - advice?

Apologies for the long post...

We recently installed a very nice dark engineered hardwood floor preceding our kitchen cabinet installation. Part of the kitchen designer's job was to bring in an installer. He hired one, and also helped out in the preliminary install to make sure things were done right.

We covered the floor with rosin paper immediately after installation. The guys brought in the first and biggest cabinet and accidentally dragged a corner across the floor, creating a small ding. It wasn't terrible so I put down another layer of rosin paper, and we saw no more problems.

Well two days into the install, we noticed that there was an entire series of scratches across the floor near the sink cabinet. They were bad - as if someone had keyed the floor. (This was after my husband told him "Don't drag your level across the floor" just before the installer dragged his level across the floor.) The installer did not apologize for the scratches but said "I'll take care of it". I was so mad I called the kitchen designer (my husband nearly asked the installer to pick up his tools and leave). The kitchen designer said he would have a wood finishing specialist repair the damage.

I left a note for the installer to NOT repair the scratches. What did the installer do? He proceeded to color in the scratches with a Sharpie, and told my husband there was never a need to get the kitchen designer involved. The Sharpie fix looks like somebody took a marker to some scratches - it's terribly obvious in full lighting.

We are FURIOUS that he did the exact opposite of what we told him to do. On top of that, we also found water damage. We asked him to re-do the plumbing for the sink because it would allow smaller holes to be cut in the sink cabinet (basically cutting off the pipe and re-installing it once the cabinet in place.) He also offered to temporarily install the sink while the counters are on order. The kitchen designer was present when this decision was made.

Well today I noticed we now also have water damage at the joint of two board ends. We've had a couple quick spills on the floor in the last couple days from moving around the dishwasher and whatnot, but it never caused damage - it's apparent that water sat at the joint for some time to cause this damage.

I should note that the installation is free. The cabinets were a week late due to shipping problems, so the designer worked out a deal with the cabinet manufacturer and we will be reimbursed for the entire installation.

The kitchen designer is picking up the bill for the scratches and dings to be repaired. Should we ask that the water damage be repaired as well (if it can be repaired)? The plumbing re-do was not entirely out of scope of the project, but it wasn't caused by the cabinet installation itself. I don't want to push my luck unless it is reasonable to consider the water damage as part of the cabinet installation process...

Thoughts? Opinions?
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Everything should be fixed to your satisfaction. Damaged boards can be replaced. Touchups and spot finishing are usually obvious.
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They're on the hook - make them fix it to your satisfaction.

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