Hardwood, Help!

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Hardwood, Help!

I am hoping someone here has experience with hardwood floors, and can help me out. I recently purchased a rather expensive hardwood floor from Home Depot. It is a click-together floor made from engineered wood (supposedly eco-friendly) about 1/2" thick. Upon removal from the boxes about 1/3d of the wood planks sprang into a banana warp so that the tongue/grove won't mate. Additionally because of the duel tenons on both sides of the wood, it requires a special tool to join the planks; however neither Home Depot nor the Mfg., (Madras Iglesias dba Greenkett) know where to get the tool.

The sub-floor must be perfectly level, with no more than 2mm/meter deflection off of dead level. (roughly 1/16th inch per yard.

To make matters worse, the specifications for the floor dictate that the room environment must remain between 45% and 65% humidity, the temperature of the sub-floor must not rise above 78F,

Although the company is supposedly in Mobile, AL. the instructions appear to have been written offshore, apparently China, and they are of very little help.

According to the company material the warranty is void if rugs are not put down in high traffic areas, however the material further states that the warranty is void if discoloration due to sunlight occurs where the rug is placed. The warranty is further void if the temperatures and humidity listed above are exceeded or finally, if the area experiences high use.

It appears I may have purchased a nightmare. Home Depot will not take the hardwood back because it was a special order (Yes, I paid more for an "eco friendly floor). Has anyone had any experience installing something like this? Or should I have stuck with tile? I did not want to buy a traditional hardwood floor made of solid wood for environmental reasons ( I can't see cutting down the lungs of the earth so my floor can look pretty.)

Any help locating the special tool needed to install this stuff would be very much appreciated. I have already accepted the fact that unless I lived in a museum I could never meet the terms of the warranty, but does anyone have any practical experience using this stuff? Is it really this fragile? Is there someway to get around the problem of the duel tenons on both sides of the wood? I feel that if I could get a block on to the edge to seat the tongues without crushing the tongues on the side I am tapping I could make the pieces that are not banana warped work. Gluing and nailing are not an option.




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My take on this is that if it requires a special tool to install and HD cannot supply that tool, I will have my money back, special order or not.

In addition if 1/3 of the wood is uninstallable, that would not be acceptable either.
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Home Depot!!! Buyer Beware.

They took you to the cleaners, as an unknowledgeable consumer, by the uneducated sales geek, that worked in plumbing last week.

I hope you don't install it over the RedGard, for c-tile, and void what little warranty, further!!

My take... Your screwed!! If they will not take back a defective floor, regardless if it was special order or not. Have them send a manufacture rep or independent inspector, to view your claim of bowed and banana boards. You may get your money back, and then again, maybe not.

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