Tips for removing carpet?


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Tips for removing carpet?

I am ripping up old carpet in a duplex so I can put down laminate.

Got any tips on how the best way to take out about 1000 sq ft? Just lift and tug?

I have heard that it is best to get a utility knife and cut things up into managable sections. Any other tools I'll need?
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Get that utility knife out and start cutting. This way you have manageable sized strips that you can roll up small enough to fit into garbage bags -- not to mention the whole room of carpet will weigh a lot more than you expect and won't bend around corners once rolled up.... It's just easier all round..... You'll also need a flat crowbar to pull up the tack strips... a flatbladed screwdriver will work... but the flat crowbar is much quicker and easier ($10)
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I once moved into a home that was owned by a carpet retailer. Each room had a different hideoous color. I started at doorways with a pry bar and lifted the carpet off the tack strip and worked my way around the walls. I rolled up the carpet and dragged it to the street. It was all intact, and it was gone by dark.

I know that the recommendation is to cut into strips, but there are folks who are willing to retrieve a full room of carpet and reinstall in their own homes, especially if it's in good condition and better than their current carpet.

If installing plastic laminate, keep in mind that it can be slippery if wet. I recently moved into a condo with plastic laminate in kitchen. I knock the snow off my boots and wipe my feet on rugs inside and outside the door. When I go to place groceries, purse, newspaper on the kitchen counter, my life is in my own hands. When walking on plastic laminate with wet shoes, the moisture lubricates the laminate and is dangerous.

This is my first experience with plastic laminate. I detest the sound when wearing shoes. I detest its slipperyness when shoes are wet. I do not like the sound when walking on it. (Clickety clack) Walking on plastic laminate has safety issues.

If carpet is not worth reusing, then run the utility knife down it and remove in sections. If in good shape, perhaps a few hours at the street after removal will eliminate it. Or, perhpas a women's shelter or other institution would like to have the donation if you call.

If planning to rip out old carpet and disposing of it, then a utility knife and pry bar are the best recommendations. If tack strip is in good condition, you can leave it.
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I would add

if you or anyone doing the work have asthma/allergies - use a dust mask. You wouldn't believe how much dirt/dust is under the carpet
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Vaccum the carpet before removal.

An ice pick stabbed into the carpet in a corner and lift. Then peel it back off the tackstrips. I fold one side over a 1/3rd and the other side over that, and roll it up tight. If it is a big room, or heavt arse carpet, I will cut it down. Carpet cut easier from the back, cutting through the backing.
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If allergic to dust

I read this in a great****site, use a disposable paper mask. I think this is the only way you can survive removing a carpet if you are allergic to dust.

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Cool many thanks

I'm a woman with zero handyman capabilities.
I really appreciate the information. I'm glad I had thought of using
a dust mask. I also vacuumed before and HIGHLY recommend it. DISGUSTING
all the crud that gets stored underneath. ICK
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Welcome to the forums Maria!

I think if more folks knew how much dirt accumulates under the carpet pad - less folks would buy carpet!

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