IKEA Tundra - Seam Sealing

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IKEA Tundra - Seam Sealing

As most are well aware, water resistant does not mean water proof! I recently installed 700 sq. ft. of the Ikea Tundra Laminate flooring in my basement. I followed all their instructions to the letter and then some. Prior to installing the floating floor, I had a contractor come in and install a french drain including a lateral trench and 2 sump pumps and waited almost a year to see how it would perform under heavy rains.
Once I was pretty certain that any flooding issues were corrected, i proceeded to lay down the floors. The first underlayment/moisture barrier used was this product made in Canada; one which I absolutely love now. After taping up the seams with moisture resistant tape, I then layed another moisture/padding barrier.
Once this was complete, i then installed the flooring exactly as instructed by the manufacturer.
Now my question is this, is there any type of product, silicone or otherwise, that can be used as additional piece of mind on all the seams? Although the seams are as snug as possible, i'd still rather not take the chance that the kids would actually clean up spills immediately after making one.

Sorry for the lenght of this, but thought whoever answered would need some type of background.

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I think it's too late to use any caulking except for the outside perimeter.

Most all laminate manufacturers require you to use a good silicon based caulking in the plank joints while it's being installed, not after, to keep any warranty.

It's probably impossible to get a warranty claim paid anyways since they never cover floods from mother nature, pipes, toilets, tubs, sinks, fish tanks, etc.
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My Ikea Tundra Experience

Well I know this is an old thread but need to say this;

I purchased Tundra flooring from Ikea (antique finish) for my basement. ($1.50 /sq ft ca)
I laid down a subfloor first; Delta FL on the concrete then 5/8 OSB T&G.
Using the Ikea underlay I installed about 500 sq ft of the stuff, looked great (at first) and installed easily.
Now, not long after installing I noticed gaps between the ends of the boards. From what I can tell when the boards expand, gaps are left when they shrink back again in certain areas. The Tundra boards DO NOT clip together at the ends! I canít believe I didnít notice this or realize the consequences.
Iíve installed higher quality laminate before and the ends of the boards (Iíve used) clip together. Itís harder to install but will not gap Ė which is why Ikeaís doesnít clip, easier to install for the masses.
Well if the gaps were not enough Iíve also discovered the floor marks easy. Drag a chair or couch and it leaves a mark. Not good practice but itís going to happen and my other laminate has no marking problems at all.
The only good thing I can say about Tundra is it handled some water that was standing on the surface overnight (or longer). It didnít seep in the edges and luckily there were no end gaps at the location.
I can live with the marking but the gaps look terrible (they seem to show around high traffic areas).
Donít purchase this stuff, make sure your boards clip together on both the sides AND ends.
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We put some down last summer and I have no gaps. Looks the same months later. Must be user error.
On top of that, since you're only posting to slam a product and a company, I now have to give you an infraction.
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