Subfloor and carpet question


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Subfloor and carpet question

Tell me if you think this is a bad idea:

I recently moved into my first house, and now I'm fixing it up. Obviously we won't live here forever. It's not big enough for a family (we don't have kids yet). So, we're going to live here for 5-8 years. On to my question...

I'm working in a spare bedroom on the second floor right now. I patched all the walls and tore off the old carpet to replace it. The entire second floor has 3/4" hardwood floor, original to the house (1955). It's all carpeted. In this bedroom, I tore off the old carpet, and the hardwood floor isn't in bad shape, but it's not in good shape either. We're going to replace the old carpet with new carpet. I feel bad covering it up with carpet, but it it's noisey and would need sanded and refinished in order to look good. Since years down the road we will eventually be moving and selling this house, would it be foolish to remove the hardwood flooring and hold on to it?
The subfloor is 6-inch wide tongue and groove planks. I could remove the hardwood floor and replace it with plywood/particle board, etc, and put the carpet on top. Then I would be able to keep the hardfloor floor I took off and use it in the new house/future projects.
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First off, you would never get the hardwood up in reusable pieces. You would have excellent kindling for a fireplace, and that's about all. Either carpet directly over the hardwoods, or rent a sander and refinish the floors and use throw rugs in strategic places. Oh, if I were only that lucky! I know mine is particle board, though.
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In most areas of the country hardwood floors are a real plus when selling. Unless you've done it before, sanding and finishing hardwood floors can be a challenge. Especially the sanding part. IIWM I would probably leave them in place and get them redone professionally. Whatever costs you invest will most likely be recouped at selling time.

You can remove hardwood floors and salvage some of the wood but a lot will be damaged during removal. Much depends on how it was laid. If it's an older house it was probably nailed instead of stapled and not glued. That makes it a little easier. I have a workbench in my shop that's topped with salvaged flooring.
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Hardwood flooring ads value to your home and is certainly a plus at resale. If you do not like the sound of walking on hardwood floors, cover with area rug. Perimeter of wood floor can remain exposed. At some point in the future when budget and time allow, the floor can be refinished.

Finishing floors can be a DIY project. Go to and click Publications and download for free the National Oak Flooring Association's technical manual on finishing wood floors.
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Thanks for the tips guys, I appreciate it. I'll check out that link.
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Not worth the effort to remove the hardwood and, as Chandler mentioned, you probably wouldn't get anything you'd want to use down the road anyway. Plus, how and where are you going to store it so it stays in the current condition? Just carpet over it and forget about it.
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