Question about installation quality


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Question about installation quality

I know this is a DIYer forum and I usually do projects myself, but laying solid hardwood flooring was more than I wanted to undertake. So we had them installed my a contractor.

I am just curious as to some of the things they did and if that was typical in installation. I've searched the web but can't find anything.

1- Some of the door mouldings were cut too high and they caulked in the gap. Is this common? Or should they be responsible for properly correcting this problem. Additionally the cracked and broke pieces of some of the mouldings. But that's another story.

2- They used small pieces of wood in the middle of the floor, rather than full planks. I thought the only place for smaller pieces were the edges.

Any help or insight is greatly appreciated!!
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The high undercut is an "oops".... and you'll have to decide if you can live with it as is. I will use a paintable filler if my cuts end up a bit high.... and usually you can't tell the difference if done well.

As far as lengths of wood..... in today's bundles, there are lots and lots of "shorts".... and a good installer will mix them in throughout the floor. Using them for the last 4/5 feet before a wall will end up looking like you ran out of good wood.... and finished with cheaper stuff.....
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You can also look at it like this. You got a shody tradesman. There are all kinds in the industry who know a few things, but that's it. There are also professional installers who do really good work, but even we make mistakes sometimes. Do you think that you have a few mistakes or do you think you got a crappy job?

You could ask them to cover the cost of new door jambs, but if they don't want to do it, you would likely have to take them to court...

When you hire someone, don't assume that they know what they are doing because it's their business. Your safest option is to get your floors done by a flooring shop. They are bigger and easier to get them to guarantee their work, and the most likely to come back and fix up any oopses.

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