Are glue downs more forgiving?


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Are glue downs more forgiving?

We are trying to lay engineered flooring in two rooms. One had floating sections and we now realize that level and smooth do not equal flat and must have had some subtle dips. So I check the other room and the floor is un-flat all over the place. Some places could just be filled but others look like they would need to be ground down. One of those places is right next to where tile is that will stay. I worry about damaging the tile. We dont want to fill too much as the wood and underlayment would just be level with the current tile that it would ajoin. If we got it down to sublte differences is glue down more forgiving that floating as it would be afixed to the floor or are we just asking for pops? Do concrete people finish slabs different in areas where carpet will be? I cannot imagine our tile is laying over this many humps. Do the pros hire out to just finish slabs?
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The floors NEEDS to be flat. It doesn't matter if it's floating or glue down, it needs to be flat.

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