which nailing hardware?


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which nailing hardware?

Hi, the last time I did any flooring (in England) I used a hand mallet and nailer. Don't think there was any option at the time, but I didn't mind it too much.

Now I've arrived in Canada with no (110V) tools and I'm wondering whether to buy a pump & nailing machine of some kind. I'm going to be flooring about 2800 ft2 in 3/4 solid maple on a 3/4 plywood subfloor.

Any thoughts on tools? I don't mind getting the right tool for the job and getting it done right ... on the other hand I don't mind a bit of manual labour either ! The question is

a) is a pneumatic nailer better than a manual one?
b) would I benefit from owning a pneumatic pump? (sorry if that's a bit off topic for this forum)

Thanks muchly
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I've laid a few thousand feet of flooring as a DIYer over the years - starting out with finish nails and a hammer, which worked fine, but was very labor intensive.... Finally bought a pneumatic nailer for my last project (around $300 - already had a compressor) and was thrilled at how quickly and easily the job went. I had intentions of buying the nailer/using it/selling it on E-bay - but the wife said "Keep it - you'll install more again one day" She was right - I'm putting in another 500sq. ft. on my next project and thank God that I bought that little puppy.

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