Bostick MVP over asbestos linoleum glue...


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Bostick MVP over asbestos linoleum glue...

Hello, and thank you in advance for any and all advice.

I own a 55 year old house in San Diego, Ca, and am about to have solid 5/8" Cumaru (Brazilian Teak) installed in my home that I have purchased through Simple Floors. I am currently doing my due diligence work so that I have a better idea of what is about to happen and how to avoid the pitfalls of ignorance.

My home originally had linoleum tiles as flooring which we have removed. I suspect (as has everyone else that knows about these tract homes) that the tiles contained asbestos. My new concern, however, is the black, tarry glue that they used some five decades ago. I have not tried to remove it nor will I since it too is a contaminate. I have had some flooring installation estimates done and am curious about the common solution; which is to simply leave the tarry glue in place and seal it with the Bosticks MVP and then glue the flooring in place.

Is this a reasonable thing to do short of stirring up a hornet's nest of problems that I'm sure would attend any attempt to remove the tarry glue? Are the flooring contractors giving me sound advice in this instance? Or, is there some better option that hasn't yet been proposed?

Also, any advice as to the wisdom of using this particular wood (Cumaru/Brazilian Teak) from this particular supplier (Simple Floors)?

Again, thank you for your attention.
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The tar like stuff, is called black cutback adhesive, Do not MVP over it!!!

It must be removed down to a stain on the concrete, and then encapsulated with a product like ARDEX SD-F

Follow the directions. All requirements can be found on-line for the products your planning to use.

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