Flooring for the first time


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Flooring for the first time

My wife recently saw some engineered hardwood flooring at the home store that she really likes...it comes in 1 foot by 1 foot ready-made parquet tiles. I have never installed flooring before and had a few questions...

1) In doing my research a lot of people use a felt / foam padding between the flooring and subfloor. We will be replacing carpet and already have padding underneath, can I put the flooring over that padding?


2) On the steps listed on the packaging it says to gule each tile to the floor, but the floating floor concept where the pieces are glued to each other but not the floor seems easier and less messy? I don't see any immediate reason why the floating floor wouldn't work with the parquet tiles I described above, but I just wanted to double check to ensure I wasn't missing anything.

Thank you so very much!
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Not the pro around here, but for question #1 you can't use the carpet padding for your floors Don't even try it. Use and do whatever the manufacturer's instructions say. Even if you decided to do what you want, you will void any warranty if you don't follow the instructions. You will absolutely have issues if you do this.
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If your directions are telling you to glue it it sounds like its not intended for a floating floor application. Floating floors are designed in such a way that the planks attach to each other in a tongue and groove fashion. Each manufacturer calls it something different but its usually something like click and lock...

As for the padding - is your product designed for a pad? It sounds as though you would be glueing it directly to the sub floor after you remove the carpet padding. If its a floating floor its required for a vapor barrier and a little padding. Using carpet padding wouldn't give you a vapor barrier to prevent moisture issues, and it would allow the floor to give too much as you step on it.

It sounds like you are trying to mix your research and products together...
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Do NOT - try to float a parquet floor.... It's meant to be glued down and/or nailed down... the squares do not have enough surface area tying them to the adjacent squares to provide for a stable surface....

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