Laminate Floor Sections not Lining Up Properly


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Laminate Floor Sections not Lining Up Properly

I'm laying Tarkett Laminate Autumn Walnut. I've found that many of the pieces do not line up properly. Each piece has 3 wood sections. Ideally, if you lay them end to end the 3 sections would be in line with each other. However, many of the pieces have the sections at a slight angle so that one end will have a wood section about 1/16 of an inch larger than the other end. This means that when you put the next piece on, the lines don't line up. Is this making sense?

Anyway, my question is whether this is common with hardwood laminate flooring or with Tarkett specifically? I would assume that they are supposed to line up. This issue kind of makes the seams stand out more. Any input would be appreciated. Thanks.
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what type of store did you buy it from? sounds defective to me.
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I got it from Menards.
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I agree w/Annette. If I bought them and they came out like that, I'd say it's defective and return them. If they weren't defective and they didn't line up, I'd STILL return them. Don't install something you don't like.

BTW: Welcome to the forums
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Check your installation instructions

Are you sure you are installing the planks correctly? I have installed laminate flooring, and you are supposed to stagger the planks. In other words you start out with a full-length plank. Next to it, you install a 2/3 length plank. Finally, you install a 1/3 length plank. Re-read your installation instructions to ensure that you are laying it properly. The end of one plank should not line up with the next, as this will make the floor weak, and it will not look realistic.
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Send in a claim to the place you purchased the flooring from.

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