Help with installing floating cork flooring.


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Question Help with installing floating cork flooring.

I am going to install cork floating floor 7/16" in a few weeks. They measure 12"x36" and I will need to cut the last row (obviously) but I am unsure of how. Will I need a table saw to do this properly or would a circle saw work? Would a jig saw do it? It will be in 1/2 bath and laundry room. I will be putting it over the lanoleum. I have been told that I need to put a coat or two of polyurethane on top, but don't know much about that, or what kind to use. I am curious how to cut the bottom of the door jamb and/or trim to accommodate the cork flooring. I worry that I am biting off more than I can chew. Anyone have any experience installing floating cork flooring. Any tips you would pass on. I fear it is not as easy as the company selling me the cork suggests. (am cork)
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Follow manufacturer's instructions carefully for subfloor prep, vapor retarder, underlayment, acclimation, installation, finishing, and care and maintenance in order not to void warranties.

Most men tend to look upon DIY projects as an opportunity to buy new tools. Planks can be cut using hand, jig, table, or circular saw. (Saw outdoors.)

Door jambs are undercut and floor slipped beneath for a clean professional look without gaps. There are several choices if you need to purchase a jamb saw. Here are some examples:

There is a tiny slide show here that shows the versatility of a jamb saw for cutting inside corners, toe kick, along walls, and door jambs:

Here's a previous discussion on the forum re: undercutting:

Here is a link for installing floating cork floors: Remember, however, that each manufacturer tends to be very specific for its own products.

If cork tiles are pre-finished, you will want to use manufacturer's recommended finish if additional coats are desired. If tiles are unfinished, then you will likely want to finish with a water-based polyurethane.

Explore all the links at for learning more about cork floors and their installation, finishing, care and maintenance. If you are purchasing cork tiles from a major manufacturer, it is likely that they have a website with lots of info.

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thanks for the info!
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When you install cork flooring to you place the male or female edge next to the wall? I cannot find this information.

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