Hello everyone! Laminate question here.. :)


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Smile Hello everyone! Laminate question here.. :)

Hi everyone!

Good to know that there are forums for something as specific as laying out laminate and definitely good to know that there are people/professionals who are willing to provide advice!

Anyway, to be on topic of this forums purpose, I've laid out a floor of click and lock and have yet to complete the 1/4 rounds along the walls. My problem now, is that the wall where I laid the last row of laminate is presenting itself a gargantuan gap from the baseboard (roughly 1"). Aside from tearing up the whole floor and laying it out all over again, is there something I can do to fill up that gap? I've not attempted at putting down the 1/4 rounds yet, but I'm pretty certain that the 1/4 round alone isn't going to cover up a 1" gap between the last row and the baseboard. Can anyone confirm my suspicion for me please?

Thanks in advance.
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Smile What to do?

Whoops !!!... Well I'm no professional floor man but I have laid a couple rooms of the stuff. You "MIGHT" look at removing the baseboard on that wall, that could give you a little wider final plank (maybe a 2") while leaving a 1/4 inch space between the final plank and the wall. Since your final plank will be laying under the baseboard on that wall, you will have to trim the bottom of the baseboard to make it match the other baseboards. That final little plank wont be much to click in but after you get the baseboad back on it and the 1/4 round trim down it might work OK. May beat tearing the whole room up and starting over. Other than that, I dont know of a base shoe wide enough that would cover that gap you have. Maybe some pro does. I believe I used a 9/16 width base shoe, was the widest I found.
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thanks for the reply!

I wasn't hoping it'd come down to that, but I think you're right. I actually just check again, and in some spots (because of the wall not being straight), there is a 1.5" gap (yikes!).


thanks anyway!

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