what about doorways?


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what about doorways?

I know that i've got to pull off the baseboards in order to see if i'm leaving a .25" gap, but what about doorways? I cant pull the doorjambs off...? Do I just have to cut the plank to fit as tight as possible?

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Door jambs are undercut so that flooring slips underneath and there are no gaps.
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thanks for your reply. Yes, i realized that, but in order for the planks to lock together, you have to angle one of them up, but when i get to working around a doorjamb, how am i going to get the planks to lock together and slide under the doorjamb? Will I have to start that row at the doorjamb and work away from it? Once the planks are locked together can they slide in their grooves?
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What I did was use a doorjamb transition piece that was designed for tongue-and-groove hardwood flooring. It looked a bit like 'T' molding, only it is solid on one side. Your local Big Box store should carry something similar.

Another thing you could do was leave a gap at the doorjamb and then fill the gap with the 'gap filler' caulk that is made for laminate flooring. Silicone based caulk would probably work in a pinch, although it would not be color matched for your flooring. Another alternative would be to use threshold molding that is designed for whatever brand of laminate you are using.

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