Ideas for finishing stairs? I hate them...


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Ideas for finishing stairs? I hate them...

I just had hardwood floors put in my home and they just finished the steps today. He put quarter round at the steps' edges and I think it looks terrible! Does anyone have other ideas of how to finish the edges besides this? Caulk? Smaller shoe molding? I think the stairs are beautiful, but the edges are an eyesore! Thanks for advice!
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Molding should not be used on stairs. A stairnose is used for nosing on the tread, and strip or plank installed on treads and risers. Cuts are made for a tight fit and professional installation.
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why did they do that? Stairs are to be cut to fit exactly. The staircases are never completely square so you have to cut treads and risers to fit.

Now, if these were existing stairs, and they just refinished them, my bet would be that they are covering up something. For example, steps are usually sanded with an edger using a 7" disc. The pad that the disc attaches to gets worn especially around the edges and will tend to make the paper curl up around that edge and now not only are they sanding the floor but also sanding a line into all of your woodwork like in this case your skirt boards, and risers. If this is the case, I would make them remove the quarter round, and restore the damaged woodwork because quarter round looks awful on steps and is a sure sign of a cover up or an unexperienced craftsman.
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It's possible the alternative was tearing out and refinishing some wall... by "floorguy", that ain't happening.

I agree 1/4 round would look terrible. Post a picture for best advice.

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