Thickest 2 1/4 wide engineered oak


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Thickest 2 1/4 wide engineered oak

Hi --

First post. Please be gentle.

The Question: What is the thickest engineered oak that is available in 2 1/4 inch widths? (I don't just mean the wear layer, but the total thickness.)

The Situation: I would like to replace all remaining carpet in the house with hardwood. It looks like the hardwood that is there now is 5/16" solid, 2 1/4 inches wide, natural oak finish. Since Bruce Natural Reflections is so popular with builders, that's likely what it is.

Some of the existing hardwood has crowned (? middle part is up) slightly under the windows and in front of the door but not enough to seriously bother us, so replacing what is there is optional. (We can find no evidence of past leaks, so it could be from the previous owner having the windows and door open during times of high humidity and rain.)

I have heard that in high humidity areas, engineered wood can be a better solution than solid. However, due to the height of an adjoining new tile floor, it would be nice if I could find something much thicker than 5/16.

Am I looking for what doesn't exist?


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Hi tempgal and welcome to the forums.

The crowning and cupping may be repairable by sanding, if you feel certain the damage was done by open windows and not some other reason (like a leaking pipe).

Most hardwood is 3/4 inch thick, so I'm not sure your measurement of 5/16" is correct.

If you are wanting to increase the height of your hardwood to match the new tile, there's no easy way to do that. You'd need to remove the hardwood add sufficient plywood and then replace hardwood.

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Thanks, Connie.

The hardwood we have really is 5/16. (That's what the home inspector said and that's what I confirmed by pulling up a heating vent and measuring.) The Bruce Natural Reflections line does come in that thickness.

Unfortunately, you're confirming my worst fears about having to add plywood to bring it up to height. My husband is unenthusiastic about the whole project and I was trying to minimize what had to be done.
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Tempgal, It's not really necessary that all the floors in your house be the same height. Most people just use a transition strip to account for the change.
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The only way a board can become "crowned" is by sanding it while it was cupped, by a moisture imbalance

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