Tear out parquet or install subfloor over it?


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Tear out parquet or install subfloor over it?

I am looking to replace the floors in my living room / kitchen and am hoping to get some advice from folks here.

This is in a condo with a concrete subfloor. Parquet is in the living room and tile in the kitchen. The parquet is very worn and though refinishing would be an option, I'd rather just change the style altogether.

My initial research led me to think that 5/16" solid glue-down would be the best option, which would require tearing out the current parquet and tile. However two different folks have come to look and one estimate was just to install a plywood subfloor directly on top, with 3/4 nail down on top of that for about $11/sqft (wood and install). The other estimate came out to over $30/sqft to do a full replace and installation of 5/16th (!) That second estimate was way out of line from what I expected, though it was quoted from a big home improvement store so part of it may be the enormous overhead.

I'm still working on getting another quote on a full replacement and install, but wanted to see if anyone here has some opinions on either approach too. This is my first experience with this sort of stuff, so I am very cautious and want to make the best long term (and economical) decision ...

Thanks ...
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Tear out the parquet!!!


Do not put a solid over concrete, without an additional moisture barrier membrane, applied correctly.

Solid over concrete is very, very risky.
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Thanks for the feedback! Just checked the post now (usually these boards send an email when a reply has been posted ... guess I forgot to turn on that setting).

I finally got a reasonable quote from a contractor to rip out the parquet, and then he will put the plywood subfloor over the concrete and 3/4 solid on top of that.

One big-box store actually wanted to just put floating floor directly on top of the parquet - I quickly dismissed them as a viable candidate.

Now to only decide whether I want a glossy or satin finish ... thats the topic for another thread though.
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Floating floor over parquet is a viable option. Take into consideration the impact of increased height of floor with the installation of plywood subfloor and flooring.

Most prefer a satin finish because it does not show scratches as much as the glossy finish.

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