First Row


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First Row

How do I get first row of flooring straight....How can I check that?
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I never start next to the wall. I pop a line out, and work back to the wall, and then turn and go the opposite direction.
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what do you mean pop a line......pop a line from where
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I like my floors to be "centered" to the room. The first row should be as close to the same width as the final row. Unfortunately, the installation instructions usually state to just put a full row down and scribe to the wall. Actually, you should measure the room and divide by the thickness of the planks and make sure that the final row does not work out to less than 3 inches thick.

I do the math and determine how far off the wall the first "full" row of laminate should stand off. I use scrap cut to width and place at all the end seams along the first wall. If it is a wood subfloor, I screw these scrapes down to create solid temp blocking for the first row. Then I double check my math to make sure the distance to the final wall is consistant to make sure the floor is square to the room.

To your original question though, I start with a laser level attached to a tripod and shine a line down the center of the room. Measure from starting wall and finishing wall all along the length and adjust until I get a true square centerline to the room. Then I measure from that line, determine the location of my first full row and mark that distance at several points along the starting wall. I then move the laser level and shine it down the marks I made near the starting wall and screw in my blocking. Sounds like a lot of wasted time, but doing this helps me measure all obstructions so that I can adjust to prevent any sliver cuts (less than one inch to the laminate edge) to ensure a solid floor without any weak spots. In otherwords, I solve for all contingencies before I even lay the first row.

Pop a line is the same as "snapping a chaulk line", I use lasers but it achieves the same result.

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