Tongue and groove not flush


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Tongue and groove not flush

Hey everyone,

I'm installing a new floating floor in our kitchen and for some reason a lot of the pieces are not snapping in flush like they should be. I've tried 3 cartons, and tried snapping various pieces together in different areas of the kitchen (to rule out the floor level) with not great results.

We put the same type of floor in our basement with no issues at all.

Could it have something to do with humidity? Its been raining pretty much non-stop here for the past two days.

On another note: I was told by the employee at Lowes that I didn't need the underlay, but I've read in the instructions that I do. Should I do it for the entire kitchen? Or just in the areas around the sink? Should I also caulk all the seems as well?

Thanks in advance.
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Read and follow manufacturer's direction carefully. If they call for underlayment, then use it under the entire floor and install per directions. The flooring should have been allowed to acclimate (adjust) to temp and humidity per instructions prior to installation.
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Not flush even from the same package? Take them back!

Underlay is mainly to buffer irregularities beneath the flooring, like crumbs, protruding nailheads, and blips of drywall mud, so only you can say if it's really necessary. The manufacturers' lawyers will say yes you slob you do. Apart from giving laminate a nice pad to rest on, the underlay does help soundproof.
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Thanks, I have some extra underlay, so I may as well use the rest of it.

The floor had over 48 hours to acclimate.
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Sometimes, when putting pieces of lower end laminate together, it is necessary to Flex the center of the board a little to get it to align with the corresponding piece already on the floor. While you are getting set to tap the pieces into place, apply a little pressure to the center of the board to see if it makes better contact with the board already in place. Sometimes the pressure needs to be applied to the top of the board, sometimes to the bottom.

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