Warped subfloor - can we use laminate?


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Warped subfloor - can we use laminate?

We have a warped kitchen floor. The entire floor is flat, except in one place where it rises up gradually and then comes back down. I was thinking it was probably a warped piece of plywood subflooring and that we could pull it up and replace it so we could tile; but our carpet/tile man told us it's probably the house beam under the floor. The warp just happens to be right in a doorway where our hardwood (engineered oak) and vinyl kitchen floors meet. The strip covering the meeting joint between these two materials is wood, and it is warped as well - but not broken! Because of our heavy dog traffice (BIG dogs) we'd like to tile our kitchen floor, but the carpet/tile man said that although tile is out, we could use wood or laminate. Obviously, since the dogs have torn our foyer up, we don't want any more wood; however, we could rip all of the wood and vinyl out and replace everything with laminate. Is laminate an option for a gradual warp? When I look at in the box, it seems so rigid - just doesn't seem flexible at all. We definitely don't want vinyl again, as we want to sell the house in a year or two and buyers just don't like vinyl...
Any other suggestions would be deeply appreciated.
Thank you!
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He might be right...only way to know is to check out the basement or crawl space. I have seen in some homes were they have overlayed the floors so much in one area of the home..that other areas are way off. Cant really say without being there. Tile wouldnt work...as its best to use cement board or direct glue to cement as a subfloor. It wouldnt take dips too good. I have seen people use glue down laminate on uneven subfloors. You still have to be inventive if its along ways to cover the gap. Baseboard then quarter round would help cover it up. It all depends on the grade of the laminate. Some are better than others. As lots of questions when/if you go to pick up samples. But of course if its a subfloor issue not a beam issue that would have to be taken care of before relaying.
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Thank you - that does help. The house is relatively new; we built it and I know there is 3/4" plywood under our vinyl - nothing else. I guess like you said, I just need to tear it up to see. We have finished our basement, so seeing the beam from there is pretty much impossible. I wish I'd known to look before we closed the ceiling in!
However, you suggest the glue type laminate; not just the lock type if we try this?
Thanks again,

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