Laminate Flooring - Why so much?


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Laminate Flooring - Why so much?

Hello all,
I've recently purchased laminate flooring (including pad, and all the trimmings) for a 200'x30' room in my office. 6,000sq. ft. It's a standard room, no curves, flat floor, plywood sheeted.. pretty much prepped and ready for install.

I was planning to have it contracted out, but in my basic research I came across a thread reply that quoted around $2 - 2.50 per sqft, depending. However, that was for a small area of only 250 sq. ft. I called Home Depot in my area just for curiosity and their standard rate is 2.75 down to 2.35 for bigger projects.

At even $2 per sqft for my 6,000 sqft room it will cost about $12,000.

But, it seems simple. I couldn't imagine it taking more than three or four days for a couple guys to complete. Yet, I've never done it. What am I missing?

Is it likely to get the price down around $1-$1.5 per square for such a large and already prepped room if I have a contractor come bid it? Or is my time frame off.. does it take longer to install?

I guess my point is for 12k I'll learn it and do it myself. For 6k-9k I'll probably contract it. Is it worth the time?? Or am I missing something?

Any help is very much appreciated. Thank you.
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yep, it is time you learned to install laminate floor. Read and understand ALL the directions, expecially the part about the needed expansion space every so often across an area that big. I think most are 25 feet, now, so you will need a T molding every 25 feet in both directions.

Yep, $2.25 if you want me to do it. Just because it is a bigger floor, it doesn't mean the last board goes in any faster then the first board. If you look hard enough, there will be someone out there cheap enough to meet your budget. Are their any illegals hanging out at home depot??
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I'm just a noob here, but have you looked into composite vinyl tile?

Here's some composite vinyl tile in action:

Sure, it's not the fanciest thing around but.. adhesive included (not labor included), it comes out to like $.75 sq/ft, probably less if you order in bulk.
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I have been installing laminate and hardwood flooring for 15 yrs and my " standard" price for laminate is $3.00 per sqr foot. Traditionally as square footage gets larger the prices drops , however my minimal fee is $300.00 for no matter what size space there is. Most contractors have a minimum they charge according to footage to be installed. But I would say that it is possible to get the price to at least $1.25 per square foot.

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