Behr Tung Oil left nasty wax residue (PIC)


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Behr Tung Oil left nasty wax residue (PIC)

This is my livingroom floor. As you can see, the top layer of the application is peeling (wax). Although the product itself is definitley lacking in quality, I may have put on the last 2 coats a bit too thick

I am looking for suggestions on how to remove this wax layer without damaging the rest of the floor.



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I am not familiar with Behr Tung Oil. Is it pure tung oil? A tung oil finish. Pure tung oil is mixed 1 part tung oil to one part thinner. You will have to sand the finish off the floors to remove the peeling layers.

What was the finish that was on the floors? Raw wood?

Surface prep is critical. Tung Oil can not be applied over another type of finish. It will not adhere if surface is contaminated with waxes, oils, soil. If previous finish was old tung oil, surface should have been sanded lightly to open up pores.

For more tung oil info: BTW, folks who have ordered their tung oil from here are very pleased. (Not an ad.)

An explanation of finishes:
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It is definitely not 100 % pure. I used Carlisle $80/gal stuff in my bedroom and that came out great. I ran out of the good stuff and decided to just get some behr @ home depot...obviously a big mistake.

All floors were sanded fully with a 4 stage grit transition before applying the oil. I should have stopped @ 3 coats but I did 5 and it went on a bit too thick.

Underneath this top layer the floor has a nice hard coated tung oil finish which I believe would have been coat #3. So I am curious if anyone knows of a product which would strip the wax right off with the least amount of scraping.


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