lightweight floor leveler?


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lightweight floor leveler?

Does anyone know of a lightweight compound for leveling a floor? We are planning on putting laminate in an upstairs bedroom and the floor is not even close to level. House is about 100 yrs old, built of green oak 2x6 floor joists on 14 ft span. A lot of settling. Since it's on the second story, we don't want to add the weight that the concrete self leveler adds. At the center of the room, the "dip" is close to 3/4". Maybe something cellulose? I haven't been able to find anything.
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Your issue is flatness of floor, not that it is out of level. Laminate requires a flat surface for installation.

Since the offending joists are on the second floor, it is not possible to access them from below to correct the dip. You can, however, remove the existing underlayment and shim on top of joists to remove the dip. This would likely be a good choice because 3/4" dip is extreme. In older construction where green or air dried lumber was used, it is not uncommon to encounter wavy floors and walls.

For lesser sized dips high spots can be ground down and low spots filled. For slight dips some folks fill them with layers of asphalt roofing felt, building up in widths until the dip is filled. Self-leveling compound is also used to fill dips.

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