What to use?


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What to use?

Definitely want wood floors.

Will "do it myself" and haven't done it before but read a lot of great info from this board, especially about slab prep for engineered wood. GREAT STUFF!!!!

Before buying the stuff hoping for some guidance regarding the environment.

It is a detached building that probably will have a lot of temperature changes throughout the day since we won't want to keep aircon on all the time. Know that about 5 degrees an hour is all one should want to heat or cool. Living in Central Florida so we do get some high temps but the building is well insulated and quite solid. The flooring is concrete (new slab about a year old, nothing done to it.

Since from what I've gleaned so far, engineered wood is the easiest to install and Stauf 960 for adhesive (from Carpets Done Wright,,,,his info seems quite complete) is what I'm considering.

If I do a good job of surface prep, is the engineered wood the right product to try based on the environment with little chance of buckling or heaving over time?
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While engineered wood offers greater dimensional stability than solid hardwood, you still have to maintain temp at approximately 70 degrees and humidity 35-55% year round. If you are installing a floor covering in an environment where there is no temperature control, then a frost proof tile such as porcelain or quarry is recommended.

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