Lap Reducer from tile to hardwood floors


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Lap Reducer from tile to hardwood floors

I removed all the carpet in the house I just bought, and would like to what is the correct way of finishing off the doorway threshold from the tile to hardwood floors in my kitchen and bathroom.

I've seen lap reducers at Home Depot, but I am not sure if I butt the reducer up to the tile, then fill with caulking, or purchase a lap reducer that starts on the tile floor and ends on the hardwood flooring.

Thanks for your help.
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Hmm... no replies yet? No the pro around here, but I assume you're considering the lap reducer b/c of the different heights? As far as I know and have read, the lap reducers (used for different heights) are to be installed directly on the subfloor (not the tile).

I'm sure someone can confirm and/or help you out.

BTW: Congrats on your new home
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What type of hardwood? Solid 3/4" thick? Is tile already installed? What height? If solid wood and tile are same height, a T-molding is dropped into expansion joint. Overlap reducers are usually used with floating systems. Height differences can sometimes pose interesting challenges, depending on differences in heights.

Perhaps the following pictures will be helpful:
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Thanks for the info and the link to the website.

What I was looking for was the reducer with the overlap, as I'm going from tile to hardwood, and there's 5/8" height difference.

I finally found the product at a floor store, so now it's just a matter of staining the reducers.


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