Hardwood Floor Recommendations


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Hardwood Floor Recommendations

What would be the best type of wood flooring (oak? laminate? mahogany, etc. ) for a home with pets that #1 resists/doesn't show scratches, #2 is moisture resistant for pet accidents and #3 is resistant to crawl space humidity changes (summer moisture vs. winter dryness)? Also, is it recommended to put plywood down if the current subfloor is OSB? Thanks for any recommendations.
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I would recommend a laminated "floating floor". It is pretty much impervious to scratching (if you buy a good quality laminate floor). By using the method of floating, the flooring is allowed to expand and contract as entire unit without cupping. The other good part is that you do NOT have to worry about what type of sub-floor you have (you said that your sub-floor was OSB...).

You can carefully run a SLIGHT bead of slicone caulking in the groove of each board, this will help in containing any water or pet accidents from getting to the underside of the laminated hardwood floor. You just want to be careful and do NOT put TOO much of the silcone caulking in the groove, as it will spill over to the top side of the plank! Yes you can clean it up, but use a slightly dampened rag with some soapy water RIGHT AWAY!!

Word of caution: Floating floors are a bit more expesive because:

1- there is a special underlayment that gets layed down first and that is an additional material and labor cost...
2- Using the floating floor method you have make sure that you keep the flooring a certain distance (check manufactures specifications) from the perimeter of the rooms. ie you leave say a 5/16 or 1/4 inch gap ALL the way around. The added expense is for the Shoe Molding that has to be BOUGHT, CUT and INSTALLED around the entire room(s). *Make sure the shoe molding (or also known as Quarter Round Molding)is nailed or glued to the existing baseboard and NOT to the Laminated Hardwood* If it is nailed to the Laminated Floating Floor - well, obviously the floor is NOT going to FLOAT, it will be secured to the sub-floor and you WILL have problems.

Definetly go with the Laminated Floating Floor for your conditions (Humidity changes, OSB Sub-Floor, and the potential pet scratching). Keep an open mind, there is NOT a Flooring Material out there that will NOT scratch, dent ect... I am just telling you that this is your BEST OPTION of everything, besides carpet or tile!! And we hardwood guys hate those last two options!

Good Luck with your project,

Greg in Maine

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