Lw Mountain?


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Lw Mountain?

HOBO'S has a prefinished solid hardwood on sale from this manufacturer but I can't find much about them online. Has anyone ever used their stuff?
I'm in Chicago and need to do about 920 SF and I'm on a budget. Any other advice would be appreciated.
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LW Mountain Flooring Company is located in Elgin, IL... Their direct phone number is 847-888-9966, or you can email their sales guy at [email protected]... They use a 9-coat UV cured Aluminum Oxide finish that holds up nicely. Also their flooring has a "4" sided micro bevel that helps with the installation, especially if your subfloor is not exactly flat!

I have installed some of their flooring before, (select Grade),but I received it directly from a hardwood flooring distributor that had extreme climate controls with their hardwood flooring storage areas, as does the manufacture. I had NO problems with the install, but did order 5% over the actual square footage... *There were some longer boards that were just TOO twisted to install. From the Manufacture themselves, they do have 25 year Finish Warranty and a lifetime structural Waranty*but I do not know if they will extend those warranties, being as though you are purchasing from a wholesaler.

The problem that you sometimes will run into with places like hobos or the like, is that the wood may have been sitting around for some time and they just want to get rid of it. What you need to do is check the flooring with a MOISTURE METER, they may or may not have one. Check the flooring inside the bundle as well. If they are not going to allow you to open a bundle of the flooring, it is not worth your investment... especially when you are talking about 920 sq ft! If you do decide to go with it, get a real good idea of the exact square footage you are covering and then add an additional 10% if it is a Builder Grade and 7% if it is a Select Grade. An additional 10% to your actual square footage will cover you for normal waste (2-3%) plus allow for some "bad" boards (1-2%) and then leave you with 5-7% left over for any future repairs you may need to do later on in the life of the floor, you see that particular brand/color ect... may be a "close-out, no longer available" flooring from the manufacture!

Ask some questions of the Store Manager or Department Manager... like "What grade Flooring, is it Builder Grade or Select Grade?"How long has the flooring been in your store"? "Where have you been storing it during this whole time"? "Do you have a moisture meter so that I can test the moisture content of the flooring, also I need you to open up a bundle so I can check out the moisture content / condition overall inside the bundle - is that a problem"?, "Does the manufacure still extend their 25 year finish warranty, as well as their Lifetime Structural Guarantee"?

Good luck, and remember - if you do end up buying it, let it acclimate!! Install your 15#Felt paper down on the subfloor after you check the moisture content making sure the subfloor is no more or less than 3% different from the flooring itself, then Open up the bundles and spread the flooring out the best can to allow it to acclimate to the temperature/relative humidity in the house. Make sure that if you have year round climate controls, that you have the house at the temperature you would normally have it at - for at least 7 days prior to bringing the wood into the house. Let the flooring acclimate for 7-14 days and keep checking the moisture content of the flooring and the subfloor. This will give you insurance that nothing strange is going on with too much humidity or too little!

Sorry so long winded with my reply, but I hope this opens your eyes and some of the other readers as to the cautions when buying "wholesale" flooring - you just don't know the History of it and you need to get specific answers/testing!

Hire a professional if you have ANY doubts, but I will tell you - 99.9% of all Hardwood Flooring Professional Installers will not install wholesale/homeowner bought wood... They just can NOT guarantee a professional installation or that there will not be any problems down the road.

Hope this helps you and other DIY's out there... Lots of caution, but with the proper steps - you may get a great deal!

Greg - Retired Hardwood Flooring Professional
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Thanks for taking the time to give me such a thorough response. I really appreciate it! I'll let you know how things work out.

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