Need advice for intalling new hardwood floor


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Need advice for intalling new hardwood floor

I'm about to install new finished hardwood floor in new addition in the second floor. I purchased the HWF, it's 3/4 X 3 1/4 and the sub floor is plywood. I plan to put the vapor paper before puting the floor.

my questions are:
1. I plan to nail the wood to the floor, is that the recommended way or should i considering glue to the floor/paper?
2. if I nail it to the floor, what is the distance between the nails?
3. do I also need to glue the pieces to each other or just nail to the floor?
4. do I need to leave a 1/4" space between the walls and the HWF since the wood expends and contracts?

Any other advice and recommendations for installing my floor would be appreciated.
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All of that information should be included with the hardwood you bought. Some manufacturers have different requirements for you to follow so you keep their warranty.
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First make sure the layout is correct in relation to the joists. Fix all squeaks in subfloor.
Where you use glue you cant use a vapor barrier.
In mine experience vapor barriers donít really work I ripped out a lot of moisture damaged floors that had a vapor barrier. If you have a high humidity in the subfloor, barrier or no the boards will swell. What really kills HWF is the dryness over time.
Gluing and nailing with a 16G at start of job and end of job is the way to go but only then. But you have to make sure the planks are strait and not warped.The rest needs to be nailed, to prevent gaps.
18 inches is a good spacing between nails, sometimes may need more. Just nail it no need for glue when you nail.
As the space between walls, ľ or whatever, have a piece of baseboard you will use, if the basebord covers the gap you are fine.
If you have limited experience in this field I suggest you get some kind of book. There are many specific techniques you can use that will help you with this.

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