Laminate wood floor LAYOUT questions


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Laminate wood floor LAYOUT questions

Project: putting in laminate wood flooring (Pergo or Dupoint) in my house (2-stories house)

I has never done wood flooring before so I need help and guidance from the knowledgeable out there. So far I have done basic research on doing this, from Internet, from Home Depot’s Flooring 1-2-3 book. Most basic stuff are covered but I still have some general and specific questions.

General questions:

1. Since all the rooms, halls, foyer area are interconnected, what is the proper layout? Do I try to make them one continous floating floor, or do I separate them into independent zone and connect the floors with T-molding strips ?

2. Closet layout: most closets are long rectangular shape. What is the proper way to layout the plank: along the length of closet, or I would image along the width is much easier, since you just cut a bunch of same size plank ?

3. Stair treatment: do I use the same laminate wood plank, or should I get something better such as engineering wood just for the stair? There is not much info on how to do the stair out there.

4. Is there a proper sequence to do the flooring, ie the rooms first, then hall ways, or foyer first, then hall, etc…. ?

Specific questions to the floorplan of my house (please see accompanying images)


The image shows a door way connecting 2 rooms (master bedroom and retreat). If I have to do the rooms seperately and connecting them with T-molding, where should the conjunction be: line A, B, or C ?


How should I do the layout with such closet ? Do I remove the closet door rail, layout the laminate floor with the room and closet as one single area, then put back the closet door rail on top of the wood plank ? Or do I do the room and closet seperately and use some kind of molding along the closet door rail ?


This closet is a bit different. There is no rail, just a small guide holding the closet doors. Obviously in this situation I have to treat the room and closet as one single area. But when I put back the close door, how do I install the closet door guide ?


The 2 bedrooms at the end of the hallway. Their doors open to the hallway at a 45 degree angle. I am not sure what is the right way to do these rooms and the hallway. I have 2 options: (a) layout the rooms, then stop at the door threshold (at that angle). Then layout the hallway and use T-molding to connect the hallway with the rooms. (b) Layout the rooms and continue to the hallway as one single area. It would look nice but I image it’s very hard for the wood plan layout in the rooms to merge together at the hallway as one continous area. What is your suggestion?


The image shows the living room, the foyer, a small hallway (with door to garage on the left, door to closet on the right), and a bedroom as interconnected area. What is the best layout here ? Layout each zone independtly and connect them with T-molding ? Merge the hallway with the foyer into one continous area ? Please give me your suggestion.


The image shows the living room and family room connected via a small transition area. The rooms are divived by a thick wall/counter. I have no idea how to layout this area. If I started from the side wall (right side of images) toward the left side, I am afraid that the living and family section won’t match when they meet at the transition area. The seemingly logical way is to start from the left toward the right. However if I started on the left, I have the side wall in the living room to start from, but in the family section, there is none, just a tile floor. What is the best way to do this ?


Around the fireplace in the family room. In front of the fireplace is a raised platform, tiled with ceramic or porcelain tiles. What is the proper molding for this ? Use quarter-round base and glue it to the tiles ? Or is there other way ?

I know that is a lot of questions to ask. I won’t be comfortable to start this project until I have all the answers to help me with advanced planning. Any hint, tip, trick, suggestion, guidance you can offer is greatly appreciated.

Sacramento, California

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Sorry for the mixed-up images URL link in my post. I have fixed them. --- Nathan

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