Old, stained hardwood floor.


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Old, stained hardwood floor.

I moved into a house about a year ago. The carpet was absolutely horrible. When I realized there was hardwood underneathe, I wasted no time ripping up the carpet. I have no regrets but the hardwood floor isnt in good condition. There are many dark stains and there is some tape that is very hard to get up. At first, I thought sanding would be my best option, but then realized that the floor is to thin. I then thought about just staining the floor a dark color in order to cover up the stains. Is this a good thought? If not, what are some better options?

Also, is there a good way to get this tape up? The stuff is tuff.
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The dark stains that you are seeing are either old water stains, or pet urine stains... Agressive sanding will sometimes take out the water stains, but never the pet stains!

As your floor is too thin for sanding/refinishing you may be stuck with how it looks, but you may be able to "liven up" the floor using a product from Bona Kemi called Hardwood Floor Refresher. Here is the link to their website for this product, BonaKemi: http://www.bonakemi.com/shop/products.asp (you may want to consult with one or two of your local hardwood floor refinishing companies). There are variables that are just too lengthy to go into (like the possibilties of wax already on your floor - this will prevent numerous possibilities!).

Removing the tape... "Goo-Gone" works, but you will still need some elbow grease! No easy removal solution if you can not sand the current floor.

One option is to lay an engineered (5/16") wood floor over the top of your current floor. You could "float" the engineered floor or nail it down or glue it down. AGAIN, consult a couple of your local hardwood flooring companies - most of them will give you an estimate for free which will give you some idea of what you are up against... whether you do it yourself or hire a professional. I will tell you that hiring a professional will save you ALOT of time and aggrivation!

Good Luck with your project. Sorry that I did not have a more cost effective solution, but you just don't know what you will find (condition wise) when you remove carpet - you just have to be prepared to accept the worse case scenerio!

Retired Hardwood Flooring Installer/Refinisher

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