hardwood stain removal


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hardwood stain removal

Hi guys,

Recenly pulled up the carpet and have hardwood from 40 yrs ago underneath. Looks ok and would like to keep it, but need to clean it up. Looks like I have either padding stains from the carpet or wax? Not sure. I tried mineral spirits and some very fine steel wool. it works ok in some areas, but not all. Plus it would take forever to do. I would like to NOT finish the floor. Just clean it up to look as new as possible. Any suggestions.

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Before proceeding - you need to know whether or not there is wax on the floor. Wax will prevent you from applying any urethane (water or oil based)! It simply will not adhere!

To check urethane/polyurethane and wax finish, find a inconspicuous area, usually behind a door, clean the floor and let it completely dry, then do any one of following methods, or all of them:
1. use a small knife to scratch the finish, if it crumbles, it is urethane finish;
2. use a drop of water on surface, wait 10 minutes or so, if it turns to creamy white color, it is wax based finish, otherwise, it is polyurethane.
3. place a drop of mineral spirits on the floor and wait for appoximately 3 minutes, wipe the drop with a clean white cloth. If the cloth shows a yellow or brown stain or feels waxy, the finish is paste wax.

Then you can proceed as follows:

For urethane/polyurethane finish, if the floor does not have deep scratch or some wear out, the floor can be buffed/screened and apply one or two caots of polyurethane. This will rejuvinate your entire wood floor.

For any wax formulated finish, you have 2 options:

1. Your wood floor requires a full sand-and-refinish job to get a polyurethane finish.
2. apply another layer of wax based finish. Make sure follow all manufacturer's instruction.

Good luck, wish I had an easier fix for you. As I tell most homeowner's on this board, it would be well worth your time to get (3) free estimates from local Hardwood Floor Refinishing Companies - it will save you time and perhaps money in the long run (first off) and secondly it will at least give you some FREE guidance!

Greg D. (Retired Harwood Floor Company Owner/Operator)
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Oops, missed part of your questions!

As far as the stain(s) are concerned, they are more than likely from either pet stains or water stains. They could be caused from the padding that was used under the old carpet, both those usually come up fairly easy.

You could try a product that simply "refreshes" existing wood floors that just need a bit of "life" brought back into them. Check this product out at:



1- IF YOU DETERMINED THAT YOU DO HAVE WAX ON YOUR FLOOR: Use Bruce's Wood Cleaner / Wax Removal (*Called Clean & Strip) to strip the wax, ( if you do not plan on buffing in a new wax (lots of maintenance in coming years - as you WILL have to reapply another coat of wax over the years, depending on wear patterns). You can then apply numerous different products once the wax is gone. This product will also remove some of the stains. READ THE CAUTION LABEL CAUTIOUSLY! YOU WILL WANT TO WEAR A RESPIRATOR AND VENTILATE THE HOUSE WELL!

**Read all caution labels and instructions with ANY product you use!!

2- Bruce makes a product for waxed floors that rejunivates them, it is called "Bruce One Step No-Buff Acrylic Finish for Wax-Finish Hardwood Floors".

Hope I covered this well enough for you!

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That is the link to the Bruce One Step No-Buff Acrylic Finish for Wax-Finish Hardwood Floors.


That is a link that will give you some guidance as well as some additional products.

Sorry for posting three times... not enough coffee yet for this retired "Floorogist"!!

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