which Bostitch Stapler????


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which Bostitch Stapler????

I'm preparing to install solid bamboo flooring in my home. In looking at the Bostitch line of staplers, I'm confused by the two models available. They have a SX150-BHF-2 and a LHF97125-2. Both have extremely similar specs and sell for about the same price. My flooring is 9/16 inches thick. If anyone has any familiarity with these two staplers, I would appreciate the feedback.

Thanks all.
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I think that they're both too small for 9/16" flooring. Most would go with the large, 15 1/2 and 16 gauge, stapler. Most of them are made for 3/4" flooring so make sure you get the adapters for thinner flooring.
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You don't want to use a 15-16 gauge staple in 9/16 or 5/8 Bamboo!!!!

Any flooring stapler that will shoot an 18 -20 gauge staple that is at least 1 long for the 9/16 and 1 long for the 5/8.

Bostich are great guns, but there are others that are just as good if not better designed, for less costs.

HighPro A-4090 comes to mind. Great gun!

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