Parquet floors and radiant heating


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Parquet floors and radiant heating

I live in a 23 year old home with radiant heating under parquet floors. The floors are unsealed and for some reason some of the tiles have separated over time. I am about to have the floors refinished and wonder 1) if there is some reason attributable to the radiant heating (or otherwise) why the tiles have separated; and 2) if applying a sealer to the refinished floor will have any adverse effect. Thanks for any help.
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The spaces between the tiles is caused by the expansion and contraction of the wood. The gaps are probably bigger after the radiant heat has been in use for a while as it is drying out the wood and causing it to shrink. The most important thing for the stability of the wood is to keep the temp. and humidity constant.
We usually floodfill floors when we sand them before the finish is applied, but in this case it will probably just take away the expansion which is currently built into this floor. So I think that to do the finishing right, you may need to abandon the usage of radiant heat under this floor altogether.

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