3/4" hardwood starter course


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3/4" hardwood starter course

Situation: I'll be installing 3/4" x 2 1/4" into a 12' x 32' room (new construction). The material is prefinished, engineered type. Along the 32' wall, part of it will be covered with brick facing and a hearth that juts out 18" will also have the brick facing. The brick facing is about 1/2"-3/4" thick and it will probably be installed prior to the floor going in. The installer for the brick facing will set it high enough off the floor so I can slide the hardwood underneath.


1) When putting the first course under the brick, how should I nail it down?

- Toe nail into the tongue and not worry about the groove side?

- Face nail as close to the brick as possible? If I face nail, can the nail holes be filled? What type/size of nails should be used?

2) On the finishing end of the installation, the hardwood will be transitioning to tile through an archway. Where does the actual transition usually take place (middle of archway, tile side, hardwood side, etc)?

Thanks so much for your help!!
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Face nail as close to the brick as you can, and then shoot a finish nail through the tongue.

MOST DIY'ers make the mistake of starting next to the wall!

Pop a line out a few rows, and pop a line!!!!!

Dry assemble from the line to the wall. With it all dry assembled and joints tight, pop a top nail up next to the wall about every 6-8" then diassemble and pop a nail into the tongue at the 45 angle. Then once all the way down the wall, Then assemble and pop a finish nail every 6-8" on the tongues. Continue, till you flooring nailer will fit without hitting the wall.
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Wright -

I had planned to snap a line for the first course (measured from the far wall at numerous points). I don't get why you suggest to snap a line a ways out then dry fit back towards the starting wall?

Regarding where the first course goes under the brick, the face nails will end up being exposed. Is there another way so I can avoid the exposed nails or should I just plan to putty over them and live with it?

For the face nails, do you use normal finishing nails or something else?

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Measuring at numerous points?? There should only be two points. Each end.

I do it several rows, so it is racked and tight, and no worry about bowed walls.

Glue it if you don't want top nails. PL Premium urethane in a caulk tube.

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