Reclaimed Hardwood Floor


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Reclaimed Hardwood Floor

I got a used hardwood floor from a store that went out of business.

It is 5" wide solid oak planks. It has been whitewashed.

I want to sand it down to get back to the oak color. However on the edges of the planks there is a slight groove between each plank so when the floor is assembled, you get those slight grooves between each plank.

The problem is the whitewash is down inside those grooves so if I were to sand off the whitewash, the white is still down inside the grooves so I will have the natural oak color with white parallel lines running through the floor.

Is there a way to remove the whitewash down inside the grooves? Id rather not sand down past the grooves because youre talking about alot of sanding, then I will have a perfectly flat floor without the groves between each plank.

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Good luck with that!!

Get creative, with a stain pen???

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