Wilson art laminate floors


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Wilson art laminate floors

4 yrs. ago we bought WilsonArt laminate flooring. Looks great....when it is clean. It is in the kitchen and dining room. I have to clean it 2 to 3 times a week with vinagar and water to protect the surface. I have two dogs that pant and drip on the floor and it is extremely difficult to clean. I have to get on my hands and knees and scrub and some areas that are soiled with whatever is tracked in do not come clean no matter what I do. We have floor to ceiling windows and so everything shows. What kind of flooring can I get that will be much easier and won't show every speck of dust and doesn't have to be scrubbed to get the dog drips off? Our current floor is dark walnut. Lovely and we hate it. We have tried different cleaning products. I am open to the new vinyl floors, but, which one?
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You have a premium product. You do not state which one or whether it is dark or light in color. Dark colors tend to show sins more so than lighter colors.

If a busy floor with kids and pets, cleaning 2-3 times a week is not unusual. Again, high traffic and 'pants and drips' will require more frequent cleaning.
Switch to ammonia/water solution. Purchase the no/low odor ammonia and let the ammonia/water solution air before using to avoid odors. Clean a section at a time. If mopping, use mop squeezed nearly dry. You will need two buckets. One for washing. One for rinsing. Clean a section at a time. Throw an old towel down after rinsing. Rub back and forth with foot to prevent spotting and streaking before moving on to next section.
Dogs drips and dogs are a fact of life. Multiple cleanings throughout the week are a fact of life. If looking for a floor covering that will disguise drips, then perhaps a ceramic tile or other flooring product that disguises drips would be required. Keep in mind, the drips and stains will still be there, just disguised. As clean as you sound, do you want to see the stains or do you want them disguised?
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That is the correct question twelvepole: do you want to see the stains or do you want them disguised?

They will be there but if you just don't want them to shine out at you, look for a medium tone, matte finish floor. Too dark shows dust and slobber spots, too light shows soil. You can go vinyl, tile, laminate again if you want. One of my favorite floors is Mannington's Adura. It is a luxury vinyl that looks more like wood than most laminates. There are also tons of matte finish laminates on the market today.
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laminate Color

My neighbors have a dark laminate in their kitchen and hate it. My cousin has a real light floor in theirs and they hate that. I'd stay with the mid tones.

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